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Schloss Hof – Terraced Garden / Photo: Public relations department SchloßHof

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Many attractions exist in the region around Orth on the Danube - all in front of the gates of Vienna.
Orth on the Danube is surrounded by culture, nature, history for you to experience. A diverse and varied field, not only natural but also culturally.
Many castles are evidence of past and imperial Austrian flair.


Castle Eckartsau

Austria's last imperial couple, Charles I and Zita lived here for four months. That was the period of the Proclamation of the Republic to the departure into exile.

Today, the castle - with its past days original furnished rooms -  offers guided tours to visitors.

Furthermore, there is an information point of the National Park Danube in the castle.
In the palace garden there is the "Kaiserweg" - this was once the favourite path of the emperor around the castle.

Nationalpark Donau-Auen Infostelle
Schloß 1
A-2305 Eckartsau
Tel: +43/2214/23 35

Castle Eckartsau

"Kaiserweg" – Emperor's way
Schloss Hof

Schloss Hof represents the most splendid and most famous castle of March field.
In the 18th Century, it was Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt who built it for hunting and a pleasure palace for Prince Eugene of Savoy. Later it was owned by Empress Maria Theresa and subsequently held by the House of Habsburg.
As well as the palace complex, the arcaded courtyard, the magnificent, 7 terraces, the park, designed with elaborate staircases, sculptures and gates impress and amaze.
Today Schloss Hof is the home to the March fields castles Association, Exhibition and Convention Centre and offers visitors a versatile, historic ambience with food and refreshments.

Marchfelder Schlösserverein
A-2294 Schloss Hof 1
Tel + Fax: +43 2285 20 000

Barockgarten Schloss Hof
(c) Schloss Hof
Schloss Hof Radfahrer
(c) Jose de Andrade

Castle Niederweiden

A neat baroque hunting castle, at the time of Maria Theresia it had been transformed into a Rococo  "Chinese Pavilion". Today it is still the glory to be recognize.

Here are annually changing special exhibitions.

Marchfelder Schlösserverein
A-2294 Schloßhof 1
Tel + Fax: +43/2214/28 03

Castle Niederweiden
Other Castles

Marchegg castle and Obersiebenbrunn castle are currently in a transformation phase in terms of their intended use.

Archaeological Park Carnuntum

About 30 miles east of Vienna, is the Archaeological Park Carnuntum. It covers the two communities, Petronell-Carnuntum and Bad  Deutsch-Altenburg and holds the secrets of Roman history. The three areas (open-air museum amphitheatre I, open-air museum Petronell and the Museum Carnuntinum) of the greatest archaeological landscape of Austria offers a lot of attractions and give insight into the colourful life and bustle of the Romans.

Archäologischer Park Carnuntum Betriebsges.m.b.H.
Hauptstraße 296, A-2404 Petronell-Carnuntum
Tel. +43/2163/33 77-0, Fax +43/2163/33 77-5


Museum Carnuntinum

Places of the surrounding villages

Each town in the area has its own charm and its peculiarity.

Two examples:  


"Storchenstadt" (Stork City) Marchegg

Wiener Tor (Vienna Gate)



Hainburg an der Donau

Ruined Castle