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Danube floodplains / Photo: Kovacs

Danube Wetlands National Park:
Precious nature for generations.

Between the European capitals of Vienna and Bratislava, the Danube National Park  covers 9,300 hectares of the last major river floodplain landscape of Central Europe. The free-flowing Danube is at about 50 miles long, the lifeline of the national park. During the flood the river creates the new river gravel bars, tears in the steep bank and brings nutrients into the woods. After the water has gone, flora and fauna flourish. This dynamic interplay achieved level fluctuations of up to 7 meters. The National Park is a retreating area for many rare species: 800 tall plants thrive here, more than 30 mammals and 100 breeding bird species, 8 reptiles, 13 amphibians, 60 fish and thousands of species of insects. Kingfisher, seagulls, river plover, dog fish, sterlet, beaver and European pond turtles are among the heraldic animals. As a botanical treasures found the black poplar, many orchids and the real wild vine, stem form all cultural vines. A focus on conservation management of the National Park  and shores, which take measures to ensure the old rivers to the dynamics of the river tied to shore of natural landscapes and thus the nature of long-term woods.

A variety of offers provides visitors to nature, together with National Park rangers. Guided tours and boat tours invite the best way to explore the national park. It's also worth to explore the Danube woods on your own. Hikes in the National Park are possible all year round, and each season has its charm. The National Park Danube woods has  visitor guides for information and guidance.

New perspectives on the Danube floodplains and offers comprehensive information schlossORTH National Park Centre in Orth / Danube. The National Park multimedia exhibition "DonAUräume" lookout tower, bistro and shop and the many areas to explore. "Castle Island" with pens, plantations and Austria’s first underwater station invite you to visit.




schlossORTH National Park Centre
A-2304 Orth / Donau
Tel +43 02212/3555, e-mail: schlossorth@donauauen.at

Excursion / Photo: Krobath
Sea eagle / Photo: Antonicek
Boar / Photo: Kracher
Kingfisher / Photo: Antonicek
Orchid / Photo: Baumgartner
Danube floodplains / Photo: Kovacs