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 schlossORTH (Orth Castle)
schlossORTH (Orth Castle)
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Picture 1: A highlight in museumORTH is a magnificent renaissance portal of wood.

Famous personalities from Orth will be special areas of attention.

Picture 2: The actress Anni Rosar, with roots from Orth,
a room is dedicated to her.

Picture 3 to 6: The southwest tower was as memorial for the internationally recognized composer Karl Schiske from Orth . Through headphones his musical work can be heard with acoustic experience.

Images 7 to 12: The exhibition Topics include village Chronicle, Danube special supplement, fisheries, handicrafts and agriculture, part cultural, trade journals for beekeeping and a children's page.

Figure 13 to 16: Landeshauptmann, Erwin Pröll - led by Hilde Fuchs - visited the museumORTH (September 14, 2007).

2304 Orth an der Donau,
Schlossplatz 1, in the Castle Orth
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